Web Application Firewall

Web applications are becoming popular targets for hackers mainly due to its serious impact and easy exploitation. According to a survey by WebAppSec, 86% of 12186 web sites contain High to Urgent risk security vulnerabilities. ECQ Cloud-based Web Application Firewall solution blocks attacks targeting critical websites and helps reduce the threats of intrusions, defacement, denial-of-service, loss of sensitive information, and serious damage to business reputation.

ECQ Cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps organizations build up the defense for their critical web applications and servers in just a few minutes without incurring the cost of additional hardware/ software or dedicated IT staff. By redirecting web traffic to ECQ Cloud WAF, HTTP traffic that contains malicious attack patterns or behaviors will be analyzed and blocked while legitimate HTTP traffic still can reach its original destination. Using Cloud WAF, businesses without dedicated IT or security staffs will enjoy the professional security services delivered by ECQ's experienced consultants and engineers who will provide continuous support, monitoring, and weekly reports.

Features Overview :

  • Blacklist/Whitelist security protection

  • Expert security configuration and tuning

  • Inspection of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic

  • Client side protection capability

  • DoS and DDoS* protection capability

  • Comprehensive security and compliance report

  • Real-time 24x7 monitoring and incident response

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