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With the alarming growth in vulnerability discoveries, it is unsurprising that e-commerce companies and networks are facing more attacks from hackers than ever. In order to keep the networks secured and ensure business continuity, it is incumbent upon network administrators to constantly look out for new vulnerabilities, perform vulnerability assessment on a regular basis, and keep the networks up-to-date with the latest security patches. However, more often than not, network administrators are too busy with their own job scopes and vulnerability assessment often becomes a guideline rather than a requirement.

VIA Agent - The Solution

Vulnerability Identification & Alert (VIA) Agent is an intelligent automated and remote vulnerability assessment service provided by E-CQURITY to help address all your security concerns and needs.

VIA Agent is the fastest and easiest way to help you identify as well as eradicate vulnerabilities on your network. Requiring nothing more than just a web browser and Internet connection, you can easily assign VIA Agent to evaluate the security of your network as often as you want, at the schedule of your choice. By performing regular vulnerability assessments, VIA Agent assures the security of your network and make it more resilient to hack attacks than ever.

Customers who subscribe to use VIA Agent service can conveniently schedule a scan anytime through the vulnerability management web portal. The connection between the customers and the web portal is completely secured with SSL 256-bit AES encryption.

Powerful and flexible vulnerability management web portal allow customers to schedule a scan request, view scan results, configure alerts, and many other useful tasks. All scanning options and techniques are configurable through this user-friendly portal.

Through the portal, customers specify the scan target by its IP address or domain name. VIA Agent will perform regular assessment on the target according to the schedule. Scan targets provided must be rightfully owned and authorized.

All scan requests will be forwarded to our cluster of Scan Agents/Appliances. Each customer will be assigned one VIA Agent to take care of one scan target. For customers who wish to do vulnerability assessment against multiple servers or scan targets, multiple VIA Agents will be deployed to handle the loads and increase the speed.

It is no surprised that VIA Agent is one of the most thorough and accurate remote vulnerability assessment services with over +20,000 vulnerability checks. New vulnerabilities or threats are updated regularly in every 15 minutes and directly fed into the database, ensuring our customers will always be alert with the latest threats. Besides, we also supply a number of 0-day vulnerability checks from time to time to help alert and protect the users even from threats that are largely unknown to the industry.