Two-Factor Authentication

With the recent advancement in computing power, cracking password becomes increasingly faster and easier. Looking back a few years ago, cracking 8-character password with all the combinations would take hundreds of year with supercomputing power to succeed but now it would just take mere hours to succesfully compromise a password. For this reason, password length and complexity has become increasingly harder for end-user to keep up with.

Two-factor authentication helps ease the problem of password management and dramatically increase the difficulty for an attacker. ECQ uses time-based token authentication to provide users an additional authentication factor to secure access to their important data. The time-based token authentication is able to work on most of the common mobile platform such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and so on.

Two-Factor Workflow

One - Time Password User Workflow

Supported Token Any token that is OATH (Open Authentication) compliant token are supported. The following provides some hardware and software-based token vendors that are supported by ECQ two-factor authentication platform.

  • Yubico Yubikey in OATH mode

  • Yubico Yubikey authentication against Yubico Cloud service

  • Yubico Yubikey in AES mode

  • Feitian C-100 (HOTP)

  • Feitian C-200 (TOTP)

  • Feitian C-300 (OCRA)

  • Feitian c601 (optical OCRA)

  • SmartDisplayer

  • SafeNet eToken Pass

  • SafeNet eToken NG OTP

  • SafeNet Safeword Alpine

  • Vasco Digipass Go (OATH)

  • NagraID 106/103

  • NagraID 306 (OCRA)

  • LSE QR-TAN Token

  • SMS token

  • by integrating an SMS Device,

  • by connecting to an HTTP Gateway or SMS Provide (supporting Proxys and HTTPS),

  • by connecting to a SMTP Gateway or SMS Provider

  • by integrating an SMS Device,

  • E-Mail Token by connecting to an SMTP Server,

  • OATH or motp compliant mobile applications:

  • FreeOTP

  • Google Authenticator

  • DroidOTP

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