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What is DDoS?

Just imagine that you can't reach a server or network that you should be able to reach. DDoS, or distributed denied-of-service, is a form of attack with main objective to take down the target availability. Let it be a website, server, or any specific open network target, DDoS attack can cripple an access to that particular target. This form of attack can be generated from anywhere around the world and can be from a single person who control large numbers of normal user's computer through what commonly called a botnet. This is considered a crime and against an IT law for most country in general. The attacker performs an attack by sending a command to numbers of infected computers to send out a request simultaneously and repeatedly against the target. This method will basically consume attack target's resource substantially. Severity of attack may be varied, but this is a type of cyber threat that normally effective and create a great impact in many aspect to businesses around the world. To mitigate this type of attack, ECQ DDoS Mitigation can help business to protect itself in time with objective to keep business and service running with no down time.

Understanding the Risk of Attack

Due to the nature of online operation that relying on internet, business have to keep in mind that an attack can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Whether your business is ecommerce, web hosting, gaming, or even just a media or informational website such as news and entertainment, you can be a target. In an IT world today, many businesses are facing an increasing attack frequency. Commonly, an attack duration is from two to six hours. With that in mind, imagine that your operation online can be cripple for almost half a day. This type of impact to an important business such as financial sector is very significant.

Performance DDoS Attack

E-commerce sites, domain name servers, web servers, and email servers are all vulnerable to DDoS attack. Administrator must understand and take the right steps to defend their systems - and their businesses- from irreparable damage.

The capacity to unleash a large DDoS attack is available to anyone simply by renting a botnet. Figure 1 shows a typical advertisement for botnet services. shows the results of a survey on botnet rental pricing. In short, the resources needed to carry out large-scale DDoS attacks are cheap and freely available.

$20 2 45
$600 169 1000
$900 5 5000
$1000 24 4750
$5500 168 4750
$6000 168 4750

Figure 1 : Botnet Rental Pricing

Business Lost

The impact of DDoS attack can be varied but at the same time, can be very significant. The cost of impact is depend on how much business rely its service or operation online. When determining the cost of impact, several aspect must be taken to estimate, such as the following:

This depends on percentage of revenue your business made online. In some businesses, revenue and profit from online can entitle to 80% of total revenue. This means that a downtime during important transaction period can cause a significant loss to business.

When employees dedicated to your online operation is facing a system downtime, this means that the productivity per staff per hour is affected. To make it simple, no matter how much investment you made on employee dedicated for online operation, the loss is surely significant if no work can be performed.

If your business act as a service provider or in a chain of complex business operation, financial penalty is normally take into account if facing a downtime. Normally, as may be state in service level agreement, your downtime may cause a significant loss to the whole operation or other party involve whereas if downtime exceeds the acceptable level, business is facing a fine.

The cost of outages due to DDoS can be varied and should be calculate in many aspect. Because news and media are providing quick information of businesses, such outages or security issue, can directly damage your business reputation. If your business or website is just an informative content, outages of business webpage due to an attack or security issue can cause the perception of customer on how reliable your business is. For many, business, SLA is a crucial aspect to customer preference, therefore; with lack of confidence that cause by the impact of DDoS attack to your SLA, company will face a large amount of loss in revenue and profit, mainly due to customer confidence.