ECQ believes that successful business alliance is instrumental to quality customer's service as well as a strong business. We offer our partners and affiliates access to our core strength in offensive security services and our carefully designed security services and solutions. The ECQ Partner Program helps enhance your service portfolio and expand your market opportunity.

ECQ continuously looks for technology partner who can help compliment our security services. We are actively looking for partners focusing in exploitation and evasion technology, zero-day or unpublished security vulnerabilities, and cloud providers.


Reseller & VAR Partners

Reseller & Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partners of ECQ can extend their service portfolios by offering ECQ's security services and solutions around the globe.

Technology Partners

ECQ and other security companies cooperate with each other to share and extend the capability of their existing security technologies and services.

Industrial Network Partners

Cooperating with Distributed Control System (DCS) and Industrial Network Partners to provide security service and solutions for SCADA and critical network infrastructure.

Compliance Partners

ECQ provides offensive technical security aspects to various regulatory compliance standards while our Compliance Partners provide compliance consultation and audit.