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PITMA Security Framework

ECQ designs PITMA to be a truly complete security solution that can address most of your security concerns and problems. PITMA is the acronym for the five different security phases Planning/Policy, Implementation, Training, Maintenance, and Auditing. These five phases of PITMA Security Framework work coherently to provide you the best security protection a network can get. Security is a process with PITMA.

Phase 1 - Planning/Policy

In this initial phase of PITMA, ECQ Consultants will hold meeting with key people in your company to identify the company's assets and to understand the security requirements and concerns. Our consultants will then attempt to identify the threats to your network and evaluate their associated risks. Once all the threats and risks are identified, ECQ will help you the select the best possible security measures fitting your requirements and proceed to the Implementation phase.

Phase 2 - Implementation

Security products generally will fall into these three security elements: Protection, Detection, and Response. An effective security strategy will require security technologies of these three security elements to be properly selected and implemented. Depending on your unique security needs, ECQ helps you select, design, and implement appropriate security technologies to help assure the continuity of your business as well as mitigate the risks to an acceptable level.

Phase 3 - Training

Security is an ongoing process and not just a one time implementation; therefore, it is important that all people within your company are well aware and equipped with sufficient knowledge to maintain and improve the security of the network. Understanding this, the PITMA Security Framework requires security training to be conducted and specifically designed according to your security policy and profile. Be it the management, the administrators, or the end-users, our security training programs are designed to help increase the security awareness and know-how throughout your company.

Phase 4 - Maintenance

The fourth phase of PITMA requires ECQ Consultants to verify and assure that your network is operating in a predictable and secure manner. If there are any changes to your company or network, the Consultants will update the security policy, implement or tune the security measures, and train your people to accommodate those new changes.

Phase 5 - Audit

The last phase of the PITMA Security Framework, Auditing, is an assessment of how well a security policy within your company being enforced. ECQ will help ensure that installed technologies and applications on your network are implemented securely in accordance with directions and guidelines written in your security policy.