Application Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerabilities in software is responsible for nearly 80% of all network security breaches. The unstoppable growth of the Internet and e-commerce make software security become an even more critical task. Despite criticality, software are still buggy and vulnerable to all kind of attacks owing to the lack of software quality assurance or security audit.

ECQ offers two methods of software security audit to help you find and eliminate security holes in your software and assure your business continuity: blackbox and whitebox (source code). Blackbox method involves reverse-engineering the software whereas whitebox or source code audit requires our consultants to manual review software source code to uncover vulnerabilities.

The following lists some of the common vulnerabilities that our consultants generally look for:

  • Buffer overflow
  • Format string
  • Race conditions
  • Denial-of-Service errors
  • Privilege escalation
  • Weak cryptography
  • Unsecured network communication
  • Malicious code
  • Access control
  • Code injection
  • SQL injection
  • OS injection
  • Configuration
  • Authentication errors
  • Cookies manipulation

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  • Application Vulnerability Analysis